About TEA (TheEclecticArtist)

My website is a collective focus on art, graphic design, and photography. Important aspects include:

  • Observational Drawing Skills
  • Color Mixing and Harmony
  • drawing and painting in the following mediums:
  • Pen & Ink • Pencil • Conté & Charcoal
  • Watercolor • Acrylic • Russian Sauce
  • Digital Art: ArtRage 5 and Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop I use for photo restoration and card design. ArtRage 5 I use for card design, illustration, and as an aid for traditional art skills.

  • ATC card design and composition
  • Eclectic Art Journaling
  • Zines

The goal of my eclectic endeavors is threefold – art in any one particular mediums mentioned above, mixed-media, and most importantly, constantly developing myself as an artist.